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About Us

Experience Excellence with Platinum

Established in 2008, Platinum Buildcon is renowned for integrity, competence and professionalism. We are a brand hailed for our trustworthy expertise and experience in the real estate industry. Platinum Buildcon is driven about providing an extraordinary experience to homeowners looking for an exceptional lifestyle.

Embedded in a cohort of professional and communal culture, the organization prides itself in providing singular attention to the customer. We nurture relationships, respect deadlines, and above all value the faith shown by the customer. We truly believe that the way to success is by providing
solutions, emphasizing innovation, and the zeal to value each client, each transaction.

Founder and CMD – Mr. Manoj Yeole

As the founder and CMD of Platinum Buildcon, Mr. Manoj Yeole has been capably spearheading the business operations of the company since its establishment in 2008. Born in a farmer family in rural Lothar in Jalgaon District of North Maharashtra, Mr. Yeole completed his B. Tech and PGDM. After graduation, he worked with the marketing division of various renowned automobile companies such as Mahindra and Mahindra and Force Motors for 15 years in diverse roles. With exposure to working across different geographies of the country and on the back of an established and proven career in marketing, Mr. Yeole has been ably implementing strategic and ingenious ideas in the real estate domain. His background not only gives him a competitive edge, but equips him to promote his unique value propositions, build on the existing client base, and build a trustworthy brand that believes in the fulfilment of each promise made. To revolutionize and oversee a domain that requires one to have belief, vision, innovation, and resilience inspired by the zeal to lead, Mr. Yeole has a personality adorned with these attributes. It is his poise and futuristic thinking that inspire him to lead a business with such poise. It won’t be an overstretch to say that his infectious fervor for establishing exemplary standards in efficacy, righteousness, and delivery has added to the credibility of the real estate sector as a whole.

Keeping in tandem with the modern and contemporary practices Mr. Yeole has always kept himself abreast of the chic and progressive developments in real estate. Keeping the customer first is a given with Platinum Buildcon and the company empathizes with the homebuyer on every level and knows that the home is not just an investment on a monetary level but emotional too. Mr. Yeole feels blessed to be a part of the process that leads to the realization of buying a home.

Founder and CMD – Mr. Manoj Yeole

Our Vision

With great faith, comes great responsibility

Just as platinum exemplifies eternal, it is the vision of Platinum Buildcon to build an eternal affiliation with the customer. A company that epitomizes responsibility, belief, and credence, customer satisfaction is our primary motive. A firm that is truly sensitive and caring about the environment, are decisions and goals are based on being sensitive to the needs and constraints of the habitat.

Our Mission

As we evolve, our homes should too

At Platinum Buildcon we aim to deliver state-of-the-art, beautifully designed sustainable living spaces. As a company that gives top priority to safety regulations and contemporary specifications of our projects, we are dedicated to using best industry practices in the industry. Our goal is to deliver projects with a high level of structural safety and ones which incorporate futuristic concepts and technologies. At Platinum Buildcon, we realize that a home is not just providing safe living but a plush lifestyle too. Accordingly, we strive to incorporate all necessary amenities that make life enjoyable for inmates of all age groups. We aim to provide homebuyers with a community that delivers the dream of ownership thereby providing security, safety, and satisfaction driven by integrity, accountability and solution-based innovation.

Core Values


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